Wings for HeronFly

Each investor will receive a unique and thrilling experience with a flight in our Heronfly simulator. Immerse yourself in the flying experience with Heronfly's cutting-edge technology and witness firsthand how our innovation is transforming the world. It's an exclusive opportunity to feel the excitement and vision behind our project as you dive into a virtual experience showcasing the positive impact we are creating together. Join us and discover how together we can soar towards a brighter and sustainable future

Raised Funds Usage: The funds collected will primarily be invested in enhancing and upgrading the existing flight simulator to meet the standards required by the AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency). This will include modernizing the controls and pedals, as well as any other necessary equipment to ensure the simulator meets certification requirements and provides an optimal flight training experience for students.

Project Importance: This project is crucial not only to me as an aviation and education enthusiast but also to the community of Seville. The combination of an AESA-accredited pilot school and a specialized English language school will not only fill a gap in the local aviation training market but also offer professional development opportunities and economic growth for the region.

Execution Plan: To carry out this project, several key steps will be followed. First, a comprehensive evaluation of the existing simulator will be conducted to identify areas requiring improvement and upgrades. Then, the controls, pedals, and any other necessary equipment will be acquired and upgraded to meet AESA certification standards. Simultaneously, qualified technical personnel will be hired to perform the upgrades and ensure the simulator's optimal performance. Once the upgrades are completed, active promotion of the pilot school and English language school will be undertaken to attract potential students.

About Me: I am Roddy, an check here entrepreneur with a deep passion for aviation and a commitment to quality education. My professional background in [your area of expertise] has equipped me with the skills and vision needed to identify opportunities like this and successfully bring them to fruition. This project embodies my dedication to providing aviation students in Seville and its surroundings with access to high-quality training that combines flight instruction with essential language skills. I am committed to making this project a success and contributing to the growth and development of the local community.

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